Metal Wall Tiles – Square Tiles, Color Copper

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  • Metal
  • Give any area a whole new look; ideal in kitchen or bathroom
  • Durable- wont stain; crack or chip

2 reviews for Metal Wall Tiles – Square Tiles, Color Copper

  1. Brent Nautic

    For the money, this can’t be beat. Definitely recommend Liquid Nails but be sure to also use the double stick tape that comes with it, which holds the tile in place as the LN dries. The tile cuts with kitchen scissors, so very easy to conform to your wall. Buy an extra box or two, so you can (1) remove the stress of cutting pieces wrong, and (2) have some stuck away in case a piece comes off or gets damaged in the future. This tile can get scratched, which won’t affect the integrity of the tile but does remove the copper color and the scratch is a bright aluminum. Easy enough to replace a tile if scratched, so no worries. That said, normal washing with a cloth doesn’t seem to risk scratching.

  2. NunyaBiz

    I had to move into an RV , it has helped me pay off half of a 30 year student loan in a year. I renovated a toy-hauler into a ‘studio’ like apartment. I used in one area as a backsplash and also on the old fridge. All are matt finish , I don’t care what they are saying in other comments, I ordered a few times and none had the gloss appearance in the photo and no turning them does not create the appearance, but I still love them and think they are perfect. It makes this old place feel more modern and more cozy like a real home. … in 90sq feet lol

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